In a nutshell

Our consultants are on hand to help you

  • Analyse the issues and needs inherent to the efficiency of your activities,
  • Work out the solutions for streamlining your activities and global performance,
  • Initiate your projects and manage any ongoing actions to implement the validated solutions,
  • Manage change resulting from reviewing processes, implementing projects...


BICONSULTING is a consultancy firm aimed at improving your organisation’s activities & global performance.

It is our mission to advise and accompany your organisation to make the right strategic and operational choices, the best decisions and to implement those in an optimal way.

Backed by our experience and strong track record, we are there to advise and assist not only Small and Medium Enterprises but also larger companies.

Therefore, feel free to get in touch with us. We will examine with you how we can improve your activities and performance in a tangible way.

We distinguish ourselves through our consultancy approach, which is based on the following key drivers:

  • Focusing on the added value generated for the customer by each action we initiate
  • Helping our customers to seek to seize opportunities rather than to only solve problems
  • Using a hands-on approach where all proposed solutions can be effectively deployed within the customer's organisation
  • No trial - error on the customer's budget but instead a succession of well thought out and validated proposals and solutions